The Legendary Paul and Paula – Iconic Couple of the DDR

DIE LEGENDE VON PAUL UND PAULA (“The Legend of Paul and Paula”) is considered to be one of the most successful DEFA films of all time. In 1974 the film barely squeezed past the censors. Only a few days after its release in the DDR, it became a box-office hit.

Two decades after the Geman Reunification on October 3rd, 1990, this cult film – now a part of the Europe’s Finest catalogue – looks back on
an old East Berlin and the undying force of love accompanied by the cult music of one of Eastern Germany’s most successful rockbands, The Puhdys. Read more:


Europe’s Finest at Leipzig’s Film Fair

The Europe’s Finest Team will attend the Leipzig Film Fair from 14th – 16th September 2010. We can be reached on site at +49 (0) 172 14 50 936.

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