Festival Del Sol

Enero / January 2009
Conditions of entry

1. Participation
Film producers and movie directors from any country are invited to participate in the film festival.
Narrative and animation short and feature films of any production format about gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender issues may participate.

2. Requirements
The films will have been produced after the 1st January 2006.
No films commercially previewed in Spain will be accepted.
Each entrant will present as many films as he/she wishes.
The authors are responsible for the rights of their work(s).

3. Entry registration
In order to be considered for shortlisting, the following documentation of those films interested in participating in the festival should arrive at the organisation before the 19th of September 2008:

  • Entry Form duly completed.
  • Preview copy of the film DVD.
  • Films stills (floppy disk or CD-ROM, .jpg format).
  • Original list of dialogs in digital format with translation into English or Spanish for those movies that are not shot in Spanish .

These conditions of entry and the entry form may be downloaded at the official festival web site, www.festivaldelsol.org.
Any further information will be given calling +34 91 848 63 78, or sending an email to
festivaldelsol @ festivaldelsol.info.
The complete applications will be sent to the following address:
Festival del Sol
Mr. Frieder M. Egermann
P.O. Box 506
28080 Madrid

The DVD copies will be kept by the festival organisation and included in its archives.

4. Festival selection
The selection will be carried out by a committee of the organisation, under the sole criteria of quality. The result of the selection will be notified to the selected entrants. The decision of the short-listing committee is final and no discussion will be entered into.
The producers of short listed films are invited to send any available publicity and promotional materials with the submission of their films. They authorise the festival organisation to use these materials to promote the event and the participation of the film. At the same time, the organisation is allowed to use a film fragment of not more than 3 minutes for the same purpose.

The organisation does not assume the shipping costs of the reception of the films.
The short listed films will be screened in public sessions, according to the location, the dates and the timetables indicated on the official program of the festival or according to any other decision taken by the festival organisation.

5. Jury
The jury will be made up of representatives of the Gay and Lesbian Community, as well as recognised actors, movie directors and specialised journalists
The jury will be in charge of awarding the prizes, which will be made public after the last screening session.

The members of the jury commit themselves to keep their decisions secret until after the official prize-giving ceremony. The jury decisions are final and no discussion will be entered into.

6. Festival del Sol 2009 Awards
Once all the selected films have been screened, the jury will award the following prizes:
Each awarded short film will win a statuette specially created for the event. The jury prizes can be awarded to the same film.

7. Acceptance of the conditions
Submitting the Entry Form means accepting the Conditions of Entry and the decisions of the festival organisation, selection committee and jury. Any issue not considered in the Conditions of Entry will be dealt with by the festival organisation.
Email: festivaldelsol @ festivaldelsol.info

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