by B. Levinson
Sure enough there’s nothing classic or traditional.

Direction is nothing of your usual comforting slop, but, instead, a concoction of experiments and camera movements (interesting and well thought through).

Screenplay is very complex for continuous use of communication channels like TV, papers, portable phones… but mainly for dialogues, that are very fast, thick, real schizo.

Good actors and photography tricks.

Woody Harrelson’s cue is ludicrous, B-movie-like. Whatever…

The result for the audience( withheld from catching so many infos in so little time) is estrangement: hardly one can identify oneself for long in the characters and that helps a reflective and critic approach on the mechanism of (corrupted) power, laid bare.

I know! This sounds like a lot of newspaper-like bullshit, but maybe it’s true.

Check it out.

Massimo Betti

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