by Danny Boyle

This is really a tremendous movie, because it sinks an author, Danny Boyle, that had raised high expectations with a promising film like Trainspotting. He has utterly sold off to the market and in the worst way.

The plot is worth of a dreamy and frustrated high school kid, that will never succeed in any activity demanding narrative skills.

Ewan McGregor, that should be a promising actor, plays the fool from the first through the last scene, with a permanent wave and a youngish trendy clothes ad-like look. Hilarious or, worse, annoying.

Cameron Diaz plays the belle, always dressed/undressed in order to satisfy the male part of the audience. After all it’s her role and she could hardly do anything else.

The side characters are best forgot(the pair of angels descended on earth make me pew).

No messages in sight, maybe because I’m no more sixteen and love looks rather more complicated to me. And don’t come telling me that it was a movie for kids. Quite the contrary.

Let’s forget how the movie is. Just let’s forget about it.

At this point I have doubts about the authenticity and the real intents of Trainspotting.

I don’t think I’ll ever see a Danny Boyle movie again. I’ve felt cheated.

Massimo Betti

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