(words, words, words)
by Allan Resinous

I had fun all through the movie laughing away that big mess that life is.

Some great authors don’t disappoint. Severity always drives them higher. Not many of them around though. In 1998 I recall only Woody Allen, Clad Chabrol and now Resnais. I’m waiting fearlessly for Kubrick.

Great dialogues expose the absurdity of our existence with the usual light passion of the French for life. That always takes me to the cinema!

The characters sing songs that show their feelings, what they may not or can’t say because of the big, intricate play that life is. Others would’ve let the unconscious speak. But here the problem is different: it’s about custom, life habits.

Many, many things are talked about and they all are organised and controlled by the mastery that only a consummate director can command. The camera is surprising as usual, and the actors, besides being good ones, show enthusiasm in working for Cinema with a capital C.

Miasma Betty

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