Kiss or Kill [ENG]

A poor but interesting movie. A badly written story, somewhat unoriginal, hardly funny and exciting. Nonetheless it’s well shot, with a particular use of colours and, in an agreeable way, typically Aussie. The players, wonderfully messed up students in Amore ed altre catastrofi, really have too little to say in their too Yankee role of natural born killers. Something good comes out of some dialogues as well, namely those of the two odd cops, a funny and accomplished creation.

But that isn’t enough. The never ending rocky landscapes are fanciful, but boring indeed. One gets out of the cinema unsatisfied, especially thinking of the moment of glory of the new Aussie movies, innovative and very interesting. The present movie is neither serious nor funny, has almost no background and this is plain to see, despite a few good ideas. In short, a bad Aussie movie is better than a second-rate Italian one… and that’s a shame: in a not really good movie, there’s still some hint. Abroad, not in Italy. When a movie is disgusting, that’s it. And, unfortunately, this is more often than not the case. I can nonetheless end this piece with an overused but, once more, perfect quote from an Italian film:

Let’s go on this way. Let’s hurt ourselves.

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