by Peter Cattaneo

Life’s drama is well told through a correct use of the mechanism of comedy.

This allows the movie to alternate funny situations and reflection on today’s pains.

The outcome is of course a kind of grotesque that provides us with bitter chuckles.

The success with the audience is thus explained, along with the fact that the reality described in the movie is rather distant from that of the audience in the hall. How many of those of you who that happen to be in their thirties would be nuts enough to follow the example on the screen?

Here in Italy the movie looks rather soothing, because it tells, as it so often happens in comedies, of a world far away from the every-day life. In England the trend is petering out.

Having said that, I can say it’s a good movie, competently constructed, unbiased, endowed with the freshness of the escamotage. Etc.

The author naturally inspires sympathy. He states that he turned down offers from Hollywood because is not concerned about the movie business and that a movie has to be, before anything else, the adventure of a set. Good propositions and nice words. We’re waiting for further evidence.

Max Betti

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