Cosmos [ENG]

A movie by:

Jennifer Alleyn
Manon Briand
Marie-Julie Dallaire
Arto Paragamian
Andrè Turpin
Denis Villeneuve

A little canadian movie, independent on the production but, most of all, independent from the fist draft. Made by young people, positively for young people, in a very intelligent and “different” way. Despite his clear belonging to the minimalist Clerks current – that rightly starts to take off near the majors’ productions – Cosmos reveals an unusual attention to the dramaturgy’s respect, and this fact makes it be more simlar to the “author’s” movies than to his american “relatives”.

Despite the large number of directors – actually six – this is not an episodical movie. Or, better, not completely. There are different stories and a lot of main characters, but the movie isn’t really “divided in sections”: we don’t see titles revealing passages from an episode to another, we don’t understand who’s the author of the story we are watchin’. So we can say that Cosmos is a real teamwork, made by directors and screenwriters all at their first – or second – experience.

Difficult to tell a plot. There are some events, all different between each other but connected by a greek taxi driver who goes around night and day bringing up strange people. Also the themes are very different, but they have all a common style:simplicity, pure narration, everyday life taken in his strangest aspects, sometimes magic, able to brake up the monotony to which the main characters – and they’re not alone – seem to be completely addicted. And this is all matched with filosofical thoughts and marvellous greek songs by the taxi driver Cosmos, who seems to be a sort of spirit, but in the flast minutes of the movie reveals himself (with an unexpected power, maybe disappointing, but immediately after making us understand the authors’ clear message) as an absolutely normal man, in fact, as an absolutely normal taxi driver. That’s why Cosmos, as well as being the name of our strange cicerone, also becomes the title of a documentary, a descriptive work that enters people’s lives, parts of a so clear but also so unknowed world. A title very similar in his intents to his predecessor – completely different – Microcosmos.

Shot as it should be, with little money and big ability, this movie shows – another time – that a little trust in young people – also in making movies – can be very important. Pictures, in a splendid black and white, reveal an expert director of photografy’s hand. The camera motions show an incredible fantasy, but made of a great experience, and the settings – magnificent if we consider the low budget – hide a lot of quotations.

A movie to see, to enjoy, but also advisable to learn how to make good cinema

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